BTE Student Stories

Student Ambassadors 2019: Yumbo, Colombia

Meet Karen Banesa Escobar Diaz and Andrea Tatiana Ballesteros Botina! Karen Banesa Escobar Diaz and Andrea Tatiana Ballesteros Botina are the 2019 Student Ambassadors from Yumbo, Colombia.






Karen is creative, motivates others, and is a leader. During Karen’s free time, she loves to paint and enjoys photography. Karen dreams of enrolling in a graphic design program. She also hopes to own her own company one day.

Karen is interested in attending ABTS because…

“Sin duda alguna mas conocimiento y la experiencia de conocer nuevas personas. La experiencia de viajar por primera vez, y la satisfacción de saber que hice las cosas bien. Saber de que gracias a BTE se cumplen los sueños y que la disciplina y perseverancia son muy importantes para lograr lo que nos propongamos.”

“I am excited to attend ABTS because it will be a great experience to meet new people and learn more knowledge. Not only will I have the experience of traveling for the first time, but I will also have the satisfaction of knowing we are going to do good things. BTE helps achieve dreams and that comes from the discipline and perseverance students need to achieve our purpose.”



Andrea loves supporting others and helping those who need help. BTE has changed Andrea’s life. She has made new friends, discovered her career path, gained leadership skills, and started to trust herself more.

Andrea is interested in attending ABTS because…

“Me interesa mucho asistir al ABTS 2019, ya que estoy completamente segura de que la experiencia es totalmente gratificante, me gusta mucho aprender y considero que el ABTS es un espacio netamente pedagógico el cual enriquecerá mis conocimientos y también mi formación como persona.”

“I am very interested in attending ABTS 2019! I know this experience will be rewarding, and I will learn a lot. I enjoy learning new things and think that ABTS will enrich my knowledge and my training as a person.”