Pathway to Success (Pathways) builds on Johnson & Johnson’s decades of support for college and career readiness initiatives that target secondary school students globally. Starting in 2019, this unique pilot model expands on the BTE program. Pathways creates opportunities for Bridge to Employment alumni to succeed and thrive in college via workshops, seminars, and mentorship, while providing deep immersion in Johnson & Johnson’s culture and careers via internships to support their chosen career path. Pathways participants engage in a variety of program activities over 6 years, starting in their junior year in high school and continuing until graduation from post-secondary education. Specifically, Pathway to Success seeks to:

  • Increase the number of young people completing post-secondary education with a degree or certificate in a health or STEM2D (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Manufacturing, Design) discipline.
  • Increase the number of young people who are career-ready.
  • Increase the number of young people employed in health or STEM2D sectors.

In addition to providing comprehensive support for students as they navigate education systems, Pathways also strengthens communities by:

  • Improving collaboration among businesses, secondary schools, and institutions of higher education.
  • Encouraging Johnson & Johnson employees to use their skills to mentor and support young people in their communities.
  • Cultivating a more diverse talent pipeline in health and STEM2D sectors.
  • Enhancing Johnson & Johnson’s reputation as a leader and social impact investor.