BTE Student Stories


Meet Liron Profeta and Shalev Kimhi! Liron Profeta and Shalev Kimhi are the 2019 Student Ambassadors from Yokneam, Israel.







Liron is a student at Ort Alon High School. She is an active member of the Israeli Scouts and spends her time horseback riding and working on a farm. Liron is interested in attending the ABTS conference because she wants to represent her class, her city, and her country in the best way possible. She wants to teach people about her country and wants to expand her knowledge about other countries as well.

Liron is interested in attending ABTS because…

“I think that I can represent my class, my city and my country in the best way. People who don’t live in Israel don’t know what really happens here, and I want to present our country as she is.”




Shalev Kimhi is a student at Ort Alon High School. He currently teaches students about leadership and how to give back to the community. He enjoys bike riding, running, and working out at the gym. Shalev is looking forward to attending the ABTS conference. He believes this is a great opportunity to learn more and to make new friends that are from different parts of the world.


Shalev is interested in attending ABTS because…

“ABTS can give me a lot of general knowledge and help me improve my English. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I would love to make new friends and talk with them about my life and my BTE class.”