BTE Student Stories

Student Ambassadors 2019: High Wycombe, United Kingdom

Meet Ellie Louise Millward-Roberts and Linchy Pakeerathan! Ellie Millward-Roberts and Linchy Pakeerathan are the 2019 Student Ambassadors from High Wycombe, United Kingdom!





Ellie is currently working at a beauty salon and as a customer sales assistant. From her job experiences, Ellie has learned effective communication skills and how to work well with others. Ellie is interested in pursuing project and program management and has a passion for information technology, particularly web design and developing social media outlets. During her free time, Ellie enjoys martial arts and kickboxing.

Ellie is interested in attending ABTS because…

“ABTS will aid me in developing my existing skills, as well as learning new ones. I want to meet different people and learn about their perceptions on business and what they enjoy. I am also excited to experience a professional environment and learn new knowledge, which can be transferred for future events (like business meetings and interviews). I want to best represent myself, Johnson & Johnson, my school, as well as share my experiences on the BTE course.”



Linchy is in the 12th grade and a student at Highcrest Academy. Linchy enjoys studying biology, psychology, and English literature. She is ambitious and eager to work in the medical and healthcare industry. Linchy has experience working as a supervisor in retail and teaching the Tamil language to youth who range from ages 8 to 13. From her work experiences, she has learned to be a leader and to be adaptable in certain situations.

Linchy is interested in attending ABTS because…

“I will gain a unique opportunity, be able to use my communication skills with others while honing my public speaking and organizational skills, as well as learn about other cultures, form relationships. and build my professional network.