BTE Student Stories

Ambassadors 2019: East London, South Africa

Meet Simamkele Faltein and Kuhle Hlathini! Simamkele Faltein and Kuhle Hlathini are the 2019 Student Ambassadors from East London, South Africa!





Simamkele Faltein is a rising 12th grader at Unahi High School. She dreams about becoming a doctor. Simamkele sees the BTE program as a life-changing experience. From being in the BTE program, she has accomplished many things thus far, such as her public speaking skills, learning how to effectively communicate and negotiate, and learning how to lead.

Simamkele is interested in attending ABTS because…

“I will use the information I learn at ABTS to motivate and empower my peers, guide and inspire them, achieve my goals, and to give my peers the same knowledge I learned while there.”



Kuhle Hlathini is a rising 12th grader at Unahi High School. She loves science and dreams of becoming a Physicist. Kuhle also has a passion for music and has a dream of becoming a singer as well. She hopes to one day become a role model for young girls. Kuhle is excited to attend the ABTS conference and is looking forward to exploring different cultures, learning new skills, and meeting other BTE students.

Kuhle is interested in attending ABTS because…

“I have a curious mind and am interested in exploring different cultures. I also have an eagerness to learn and want to have more knowledge about the BTE program in general, as well as inspire young kids and teach them that anything is possible. This experience will help me challenge my mindset.”