BTE Student Stories

Student Ambassadors 2019: Bracknell, United Kingdom

Meet Fincy Vassantlal and John Walters! Fincy Vassantlal and John Walters are the 2019 Student Ambassadors from Bracknell, United Kingdom!






Fincy Vassantlal is a student at Easthampstead Park Community School. Her favorite subjects are biology and chemistry. Fincy aspires to work in pharmaceuticals. During her free time, Fincy loves to watch documentaries, enjoys doing nails, and learning new skills such as sewing and knitting. During her BTE experience, Fincy has participated in educational debates, teamwork activities, and has enjoyed visits from guest speakers.

Fincy is interested in attending ABTS because…

“I think ABTS is a great opportunity and a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’ve grown up with Johnson & Johnson products. I would feel honored and much more confident in my future career as a Pharmacist if I was to attend ABTS. It will look fantastic on my CV and make it stand out against the rest. This opportunity doesn’t come along often; I don’t want to miss this chance of a lifetime. I hope to gain independence and more knowledge about what will come for me. It’ll also help me expand my understanding on the industry, firsthand. Overall, this trip may be life changing! ”




John is a student at Easthampstead Park Community School. John loves playing basketball, cooking, playing games, and working with computers. He is the first in his family to pursue a STEM profession.

John is interested in attending ABTS because…

“This trip will be a good opportunity that will enable me to enrich my CV, expand my potential career options, as well as be a memorable experience that I will be able to learn from. I will also be able to interact with other people who have joined the program from around the world. This will give me a chance to hear about their experiences and hopefully bring some session ideas that they have used back with me.”