BTE Student Stories

Student Ambassadors 2019: Bound Brook, New Jersey, USA

Meet Ronnique Davis and Maida Ahmad! Ronnique Davis and Maida Ahmad are the 2019 Student Ambassadors from Bound Brook, New Jersey, USA!





Ronnique is a rising senior at Bound Brook High School. During Ronnique’s free time, she enjoys babysitting for neighbors in her community. She is also an active member of the Bound Brook drama club, where they produce plays and perform songs at charity events and ceremonies. From her experience in the BTE program, she has had an opportunity to build on her public speaking and professional interviewing skills. Ronnique believes the BTE program not only prepares you for college but for real-world experiences as well.

Ronnique is interested in attending ABTS because…

“ABTS will definitely be a good networking opportunity, as well as an opportunity to make friends and meet new people from all around the world. It will be a very fun and interesting experience for me especially because I love traveling and meeting people from different parts of the world. I hope to gain access to brand new things and a very pleasant and memorable experience with new people whom I would be very excited to meet.”



Maida is a member of the Law and Public Safety program. Maida believes her BTE experiences have helped her become a leader and have overall shaped who she is today. Maida spends her time working at the Brook Arts Center and volunteers at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. During her experience in the BTE program, she has learned about marketing, pharmaceuticals, and had an opportunity to learn more about Johnson & Johnson. She believes her mentors in the BTE program have helped her with her career path, assisted her with SAT prep, aided her in identifying financial aid resources, and helped her through the college application process.

Maida is interested in attending ABTS because…

“I want to know what other BTE programs around the world are like, but not only that, I also want to attend to build connections and learn something that I might not have known before. I am looking for a new experience, and I am certain that the ABTS can provide it”.