BTE Student Stories


BTE Site: Puebla, Mexico

About Me:

I am from Mexico City, but now live in Huejotzingo. People here are collaborative – they like to teach new generations the customs and traditions carried out each year. I like to experience NEW and interesting things, since every day is a challenge to discover and learn something new. I am interested and motivated to study English, and I love listening to music in English. It is fun and interesting because it can be interpreted in many ways while I enjoy the rhythm. At the same time, I learn new phrases and can put them into practice.

Interests & Hobbies:

• Constantly learning!
• Singing
• Practice being assertive so we can solve conflict in better ways
• Talking with my friends
• Playing with cats and dogs, giving them lots of love
• Planning life goals
• Meet people from different countries

Your BTE Experience:

BTE has shared very interesting experiences with us. I really liked all of them, but there is one in particular which characterizes Bridge to Employment and its way of being innovative and challenging. We did experiments – so far there have been three, and the one I liked most was the one in which we had to inflate the balloon with bicarbonate and vinegar. They gave us the measurements, but some didn’t work out as we expected. For example, my balloon broke! But I loved that experiment. I loved those experiences because we discussed what happened and why it didn’t go as expected. We gave our opinions and had a lot of fun.

Looking Forward to ABTS:

I am looking at a future in which we are going to be assertive and I know that I am going to learn great things, that we will work as a team to achieve the objective, and solve problems in a good way. We will discuss practices that work, what the challenges are, and explore new ideas. I am excited to meet new people and hear their ideas!

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