BTE Student Stories

Raisa Sabiha

Written By: Raisa Sabiha, Pathway to Success Participant

BTE Alumni Site: Norristown, Pennsylvania, USA

Hello! My name is Raisa Sabiha. I am a sophomore at Chestnut Hill College, majoring in Biochemistry. I have been part of the Pathway to Success program for four years now, and I am honored to share my experiences. My journey with Pathway to Success started from my time in Johnson & Johnson’s Bridge to Employment (BTE) program. During my junior year of high school, I applied to be part of Pathway to Success, a college and career readiness program designed to support select BTE alumni. I was honored to be selected among many applicants.  

As a first-generation college student from an immigrant family, I have many goals and aspirations. To accomplish those goals, I started taking advantage of the opportunities that would help me grow professionally. Pathway to Success is one of those opportunities. Pathway to Success gives students immense access to different opportunities for professional growth, and it also helps students throughout college to develop their career readiness skills so they will be competitive applicants for jobs upon graduation. I remember applying for that reason. I needed someone to guide me throughout as I completed my higher education.  

Before joining the Pathway to Success program, I realized I had little to no knowledge about college and career readiness. Through Pathway to Success, I gained academic enrichment, career awareness, and a toolkit to prepare myself for real-world settings. Not only that, I learned critical skills that helped me create my professional brand: creating an effective resume, learning how to pitch myself, develop my professional portfolio, etc.

Before my freshman year of college, I participated in the Pathway to Success Bootcamp, where I learned how to prepare myself for college and transition successfully. I learned how to manage my time, make responsible financial choices, cope with stress, and deal with financial aid. A year later, I once again participated in a week-long summer institute, the Professional Portfolio summer institute, where I learned how to prepare myself for internships, co-ops, and leadership development programs. Another great thing about being in the Pathway to Success program is the opportunity to expand my networking. During the Professional Portfolio summer institute, I met many professionals from Johnson & Johnson who work in the fields that align with my interests.

“Being able to connect with Johnson & Johnson professionals gave me perspective and insights on how I want to lead my career and life.”  

Thanks to Pathway to Success, I am prepared. If you want to take ownership of your academic and professional career and be prepared for anything, please consider looking into the Pathway to Success program. Hopefully, my experience will give you some perspective and encourage you as well. Thank you!