BTE Student Stories

Tyeirra Lynch

Written By: Tyeirra Lynch, Pathway to Success Participant

BTE Alumni Site: Norristown, Pennsylvania, USA

I’m Tyeirra Lynch, a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton with a prospective 2024 degree in Economics with a concentration in Marketing. I became involved with Pathway to Success as a continuation of the Johnson & Johnson Bridge to Employment program. I have always found it important to take advantage of any opportunity that comes my way, especially if it was made to help me succeed. Pathway to Success has proven that to be their goal for me.  

My first experience with Pathway to Success was the summer of 2019. Our cohort participated in a Pre-College Academy hosted by FHI 360 in partnership with The College of New Jersey. The academy was meant to prepare us for our future regarding college applications and decisions, and it genuinely guided me on the right track in my college career. During this academy, I wrote the first draft of the college essay that got me into the University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, NYU, Berkeley, and Harvard. Schools of my dreams!   

“Without the resources and the mentors that Pathway to Success provided, I cannot say that I would have been inspired and motivated to put so much effort into my future”

As I continued my journey in the Pathway to Success program for the next two years, I began to see a pattern. I feel the program is getting us started early, having us do things now that will make our lives easier in the future. To anyone who wants to have a successful college and professional career in the future, I 100% would recommend Pathway to Success. Through resume building, health workshops, interview practicing, and college success sessions, Pathway to Success has prepared many students, including myself, for our future endeavors. Each step you take now paves a way in your path towards future goals. Pathway to Success is a step you should take in the direction of your success.