BTE Student Stories


When Amber Beaman joined the BTE – Wilmington programs she was already an excellent student, but needed an opportunity to become a leader. While in the BTE program, Amber assumed a leadership role among her peers, that spring boarded her college career.

As a senior at the University of Delaware, Amber earned a 3.3 grade point average as an elementary education major with a concentration in mathematics. Amber was also a McNair Scholar and conducted research under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Her research compared how mathematics is taught in higher achieving countries in an effort to better understand how math educators in the United States can help improve their level of teaching.

According to Amber, “The BTE program has inspired me not to fear telling people that I come from the inner-city. It is important for me that they know kids raised in the inner-city can graduate from high school, get accepted into college, achieve in college and graduate on the Dean’s List.”