BTE Student Stories


The key to BTE-Wilmington’s success was simple: set clear goals, create student activities that help students reach those goals, and measure results. Achieving lofty goals is not as simple:

  1. Reduce Student Learning Barriers;
  2. Improve Teacher-Student Interactions;
  3. Develop Teacher-Support Service Relationships; and
  4. Facilitate Parent-Family Engagement.

BTE-Wilmington created program elements that operated year-round with academic and social support for students before, during and after school, and during the summer months.

So what are the impressive results?

  • BTE students had nearly 20 fewer absent days than a comparison group of students.
  • BTE students had higher standardized test scores in reading, math, general sciences and concepts and process than a comparison group.

Due to the program’s success, Noramco provided additional funding to extended the program and expand its reach after Johnson & Johnson’s initial investment.