BTE Student Stories


Before BTE Catalina was living on the streets, selling drugs, and trying to support her family. She had a dream of becoming a nurse, but didn’t see a path to that dream. Then BTE – Bogotá came along. For Catalina, it changed everything. She was selected to receive 40 percent of her tuition paid at the Politécnico Internacional post-secondary technical school. This allowed her to pursue a  nursing assistant degree. Catalina saw how BTE helped pave the way to her future. More important than the tuition dollars, the BTE tutorials and workshops helped her pass her classes, better comprehend material, and learn to work with others.

Catalina’s experience isn’t unique. Consider BTE- Bogotá’s results:

  • Students Pursued Health Careers. 37 BTE students graduated with a degree in a health-related discipline; additional graduates are expected in subsequent years.
  • Increased School Completion Rates. BTE students were less likely to drop out (12.5 percent vs. 35 percent). BTE students earned higher grades than those of their peers. The students reported feeling more knowledgeable, skilled, confident, and prepared to join the work world, and, because of BTE, felt able to give back to the community;
  • Improved Coordination & Collaboration. Health experts and BTE partners reviewed the curriculum of three disciplines and revised it to align with the City’s employment needs.