Virtual meeting with Pathways students and Tiffany Nesbey

While many college students were enjoying some well-deserved downtime over the break, our Johnson & Johnson Pathway to Success crew was busy honing their skills and planning for the future. From career decision-making to practicing behavioral-based interviews, Pathways sessions focused on preparing our participants for success in the world of work. 

In January, students from BTE Bound Brook, NJ, Norristown, PA, and Trenton, NJ alumni sites completed their winter seminar series. As they gear up for graduation, students dove into discussions about entering the workforce, applying for graduate school, and building professional skills. The topics discussed covered everything from career progression to emotional intelligence, setting them up for post-grad success. 

Meanwhile, another Pathways cohort got ready for their summer internships. From updating portfolios to acing mock interviews, future interns got hands-on experience and feedback so they will shine in their upcoming roles. Through workplace simulations and discussions, they’ve learned the importance of communication, feedback, and confidence in the professional world. 

Reflecting on their journey so far, our participants have realized that growth never stops. Stepping out of comfort zones is key to becoming a better professional and future leader. We’re excited to see where their paths lead next!