Volunteer infographic 3

Each year, we survey our volunteers to hear about their experiences. The 2022 results are in!

In 2022, 410 Johnson & Johnson volunteers joined 18 BTE sites around the world to provide mentorship, share their career journeys, and support young people in their communities. Volunteer infographic 1

BTE volunteers make a commitment to stick with the program so that they can provide reliable, ongoing support to the students at their site. One volunteer shared,

Quote: "It's a really, really amazing thing to watch those relationships between students and mentors blossom."

Volunteers contributed 4,603 hours in 2022. They engaged students through J&J site tours, skills-building workshops, mentoring sessions, career panels, and more. 90% of volunteers surveyed feel that they have made a difference in a young person’s life as part of BTE, and 97% agreed BTE is a worthwhile experience for both themselves and for students.

More than that, 91% of BTE volunteers report improved leadership skills, demonstrating that volunteering doubles as professional development and provides a space for J&J employees to grow and learn in new ways alongside BTE participants.

Volunteer infographic 3

Volunteers also shared that their experience gives them a sense of fulfillment and connection with their community.

One volunteer shared:

Photo of Women in a panel above quote box: "BTE helps me remember the passion for my work and the reason why I chose my career."

We are incredibly grateful for the work all of our volunteers have contributed to making Bridge to Employment a successful program as we increase awareness and interest in STEM2D and healthcare education and career pathways for young people. By sharing your career journeys and experience with young people, you help them see themselves building brighter futures. Thank you!

Download our full infographic here.