BTE Student Stories

Yasmin Al-Shabee

Meet ABTS 2020 Student Ambassador Yasmin Al-Shabee!

BTE Site: Helsingborg, Sweden


“What I’m looking forward to the most at ABTS is learning about everyone else’s experiences in the BTE program, including the different program activities, schools involved, and Johnson & Johnson facilities involved. ABTS will also grant me a great opportunity to learn about different people from different places around the world. It’s exciting and something I greatly look forward to.”


My name is Yasmin and I’m 17-years-old. I was born and raised in Sweden, but both of my parents are from Iraq two completely different cultures, traditions and religions. Even if I don’t have any Swedish blood in me, I’d like to believe I’m both Arabic and Swedish!


Sweden is known for its cold weather, though it has definitely changed overtime. When I was younger, I’d wake up during the winter, dark and cold morning to see the whole garden covered in white. Though nowadays,we barely see any snow in my city. My community is very mixed, I see all kinds of people every single day. I have learned many things about many cultures thanks to my friends and the people in my community. Like for example the differences in Arabic countries or the Kurdish traditions. It’s honestly amazing how everyone learned to live together, despite all the differences.


  • Nail art
  • Different accents of the English language
  • Different theories, concepts, and thoughts that surround our daily life
  • History- my mother was a history teacher so I would regularly hear a lot of stories from the past.


Some of my hobbies include cooking and baking. I love to try out new recipes, but I mostly love improving and changing them. It’s like having my own chemistry lab at home, but with hopefully an edible end result. I also really love sewing and designing clothes, I don’t usually have enough material for a full-scale person, also my designs are a bit over the top, so I usually sew for my cousins’ children’s dolls.

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