BTE Student Stories

Fincy Vassantlal

Meet ABTS 2020 Student Ambassador Fincy Vassantlal!

BTE Site: Bracknell, United Kingdom


“I’m looking forward to meeting new people at the virtual ABTS and interacting with people from all backgrounds, cultures and countries. ABTS will give me a great platform to represent myself and my BTE site. I am really excited to participate in the team project at ABTS, as well as gain information from professionals for my future professional life.”


I’m currently in Year 13 doing my A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Psychology. I work in a local pharmacy as a healthcare assistant which is where I get my work experience. I speak 3 languages which are Gujarati, Hindi, and of course, English. I love learning about various cultures and traditions and I take pride in all the work I do and love to see people succeed.


I am from Bracknell in the United Kingdom. It’s a small little town about an hour from London. Weather in the UK is usually really bad and extremely unpredictable. We regularly have grey cloudy days and the occasional sunny day does come. It can be stormy one day and a heat wave the next. My community is quiet; everyone is busy doing their own thing, but we do make sure to find time for the people around us.


  • Watching various Bollywood films
  • Eating tons of food
  • Listening to music of all genres
  • Crime shows and documentaries on Netflix
  • Becoming a pharmacist and help people in life


My first hobby is to eat! I’ve recently grown a new love for chocolate, especially Dairy Milk. Since a very young age, I have been doing Henna on myself and others around me. I also do nail extensions eg. acrylics, gels etc. on my close friends and family to improve on my skills.

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