BTE Student Stories

Student Ambassador Liel Dasa

Liel served as a Student Ambassador from her community of Yokneam, Israel, at ABTS 2018. While at ABTS, she learned about Intercultural Fluency, and earned a digital badge in the subject. She practiced these skills working with an international team of students on the ABTS challenge. Together, they produced an activity meant to encourage students’ interest in the STEM2D fields. Here’s what she’s had to say about her BTE journey:

My Favorite BTE memory is…

The trip to Portugal allowed me to meet all new friends who I feel I made a connection with. When we were in the restaurant for the ABTS’ welcome dinner, wehad a good time with the songs and the dancing, and while we were eating, we made connections with each other.

I wanted to come to ABTS because…

The trip to Portugal would help me open new doors in life. The experience itself would show me how to think bigger. I would discover new things and get to know new communities, and these things would build me as a person.

To me, BTE has meant…

BTE made me more open minded to many things, and made me feel comfortable with what I’m doing, who I am, and with being myself. I have become more confident because of the program.

The most important thing I will take away from BTE is…

After BTE, I will keep an open mind and not be afraid to ask questions. I enjoy all the friendships that I’ve made through the program.

Thanks to my time in BTE and at ABTS, in the future I will…

I know what I want to do in the future, and now I have more motivation.


We are proud to award Liel a digital badge in Intercultural Fluency at ABTS 2018. She showed improvement in skills allowing one to work with people from other cultures. These are:

  1. Show Curiosity
  2. Recognize and challenge one’s own cultural biases
  3. Appreciate Diverse Perspectives
  4. Demonstrate Self Awareness