BTE Student Stories


Through the BTE program, I have developed numerous skills and behaviors as well as expanded my knowledge base. Some skills I have gained are the soft skills and communication skills. We utilize these skills to better interact with people in order to build a better and healthier relationship with co-workers and business acquaintances. We developed signs to show that we are listening, such as eye contact and focusing. We were taught how to change our tone and expression, to strengthen our meaning and to get the point across without offending anyone when speaking. I can use these skills when talking to or working with people, when presenting to a group, during interviews and other day-to-day interactions. These skills are invaluable and will be a constant benefit for the rest of my life.

BTE has had a major impact on me. The greatest impact is that it has is captured my interest in the medical field more than I ever thought possible. BTE has opened more doors and has given me options that I will find very useful in the future. It has changed the way I look at careers and how I interact with people. It has given me the opportunity to shadow and closely observe professions and provided me with experiences that otherwise would not have been available to me.

I personally never even considered going into the medical field before I became a part of the Bridge to Employment program. Now every time we go to a different medical site, I become more and more interested in the medical field. This program has opened up experiences and opportunities to me that are normally not available to high school students.