BTE Student Stories


Through the Bridge to Employment program I have learned many new skills while improving many that I already possessed, including my team working skills along with my public speaking skills. I have also made many new friends while improving my self-confidence in doing things that I had not done before and also in meeting new people. I plan to use this information that I have learned from the program in my future career and the rest of my life. I plan to become a Biomedical Engineer and hope to attend Brigham Young University and, later, Cornell University for my master’s. I definitely feel that this program will help me reach my goals as it has already helped me in my life. I have been able to see what I want to do with the rest of my life and what it will take to get there. I have made new friends and have new leaders around me that I know have my best interest at heart and will help me succeed.

This program has had a major impact on my life and where I am going to go in the future. It has helped me to have more confidence in what I am doing. This program has shown me things that I would not have seen otherwise. The greatest impact that the program has had on me is the new knowledge and skills that I have developed. I have really been able to explore new heath and science careers that I had not known about. Having Johnson & Johnson employees’ act as our mentors for this time in the program is a great asset. I feel that having someone there that knows what it will take to fulfill my goals will be a great help to me in my future, especially since my mentor is part of the career field that I plan to go into.