BTE Student Stories


In school, you are taught the scientific method: ask a question, construct a hypothesis, set up a controlled experiment, collect data, and analyze your results. You do lab experiments, but you strictly adhere to the procedure and you know how your results should turn out. These are helpful learning tools, but they are no match to actually creating and testing an experiment on a large scale in a real company lab. During my work at LifeScan, I was able to work on a study of the solubility of a chemical called horseradish peroxidase (HRPO), which is used as one of the coatings on a test strip for the SureStep glucose meter. In reality, you don’t always know what the results will be or what the future includes. My experience with BTE has shown me this. I may not always know what the results will be, but that should not stop me from seizing opportunities or experimenting in life.

This internship has not only satisfied, but increased my desire to learn and solve problems. I believe the willingness and motivation to learn and deepen one’s knowledge should reside with them throughout their life. I have learned a great deal. What I have learned and experienced during my internship affects me not only in the workplace but also at home and in my community, and will help me in future education.

All the skills one gains through this program cannot be taught in a classroom, but can only be acquired through an opportunity like BTE. It gave me the opportunity to fast-forward my life and see what I could possibly be doing in the future. This is a rare opportunity where I am able to see all the aspects of a career and observe other employees’ careers around me. The work I have done so far and will continue to do until the end of the internship makes a difference in the company’s production. Overall, the BTE program gives interns the satisfaction of being part of a large company whose goal is to help others.