BTE Student Stories

BTE Civil Engineering

For so many students, BTE is a springboard to a brighter future. BTE can take students who have some interest in science, math, or engineering and provide a pathway to a career and life they may have never imagined for themselves. Consider Maria Esmeralda (Esme) Muñoz.

Young Esme thrived during her time in Solano County, California’s BTE program, serving as a BTE Ambassador and earning multiple scholarships to fund her four-year degree. It is no surprise that her success continued her first two years as a Civil Engineering major at U.C. Davis.

By her third year at university, Esme served as the Outreach Officer for the U.C. Davis Chicano and Latino Engineers and Scientists Society and a Student Outreach Assistant for the U.C. Davis Early Academic Outreach Program, which works to expand postsecondary opportunities to California students.

According to Esme, “BTE made me start to dream things that I had never thought of before… the events and people sparked a light in me without me even realizing it… I want to spark a light in students and help them the way many people helped me.”