BTE Student Stories

Sinazo Bonga

Meet ABTS 2020 Student Ambassador Sinazo Bonga!

BTE Site: East London, South Africa


“I am looking forward to getting to learn new things, making friends, and to learn, learn, learn!”


I am a 17-year old girl who is passionate about all that she does. I am a hard worker, great communicator and a great team leader. I am a young girl who is so full of life and also a go-getter; whatever task I am given, I make sure I work very hard to make it a success. I am an indoor type of person who loves reading, writing, and cooking.


I am originally from a small village called Ndabakaziin Butterworth but am currently situated in a small location called Dice in East London. It is such a busy location with so many informal settlements where everyone lives next to everyone and probably knows everyone’s business, that’s how small the location is. It is winter season so it’s not hot and not really cold. I would say it’s chilly as winter has just began. I live in a community where almost every young person is unemployed and all they do is hang around in corners and some get involved in criminal activities. I would say I live in a community that does not give motivation to us who are still growing. The only motivation we get is from the BTE mentors and our parents.


  • Becoming a business owner or entrepreneur
  • Being a business analyst
  • Becoming an author
  • Starting my own non-profit organization that will focus on helping teenagers get through their life challenges, possibly even starting an orphanage.


Some of my hobbies include writing, reading novels and poetry, and cooking.

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