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Namhla Chweba

Meet ABTS 2020 Student Ambassador Namhla Chweba!

BTE Site: East London, South Africa


“I cannot wait to attend ABTS so that I can get to interact and engage with people from all around world and get to know how BTE has touched each of them, as well as learn more about their BTE sites.”


I am 17-years-old doing grade 12 in Unathi High School. I am very passionate and ambitious about education and BTE. I am innovative and very hardworking. I enjoy working with others and have very good communication skills. I am bubbly, talkative, and very easy to talk to.


I am from South Africa, a very beautiful and diverse country with 11 languages spoken. It’s also called the rainbow country for its diversity. South Africa has 9 provinces, and I live in Eastern Cape which is one of those. Eastern Cape is along the coast of the Indian Ocean. It has mostly the Xhosatribe, which uses isiXhosa as a home language, which is also my home language. I live in a town called East London. It has a lot of vibe, which is caused by the number of townships that are around it. The weather here is very beautiful; it is never too hot or too cold. East London has warm weather with a cool sea breeze. It looks welcoming with a bit of a township vibe (kasi vibe). I live in a township called Newlife. It’s a lot quieter compared to other places. Here, everyone minds their own business while caring for each other. Here, it looks so natural because of the forest around it and a very beautiful river which is green in colour. It always helps me when I just want “me-time” and do not think there is a place more beautiful than that one. It’s so breathtaking. People here are very active and are very supportive, always showing the South African heart to others.


  • Industrial Engineering
  • Health Science
  • Fitness
  • Books
  • Music


My hobbies are reading, exercising, and running.

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