BTE Student Stories

J-burg group

Bridge to Employment (BTE) in Johannesburg, South Africa has worked to prepare students for university and their future careers.

In partnership with the University of Pretoria Empowerment program, BTE-Johannesburg hosted a range of activities to help prepare students for life after secondary school. For example, students participated in tutoring to better prepare them for the academic rigors of university. Students also participated in a range of activities from professional development workshops to mentoring and careers sessions.

After the first year, the program showed great promise for the students involved. All of the students reported they were aware of higher education opportunities and wanted to further their education after secondary school. They expressed that their confidence increased after being more exposed to the “outside world.” Additionally, students learned more about themselves, their intended field of study, and the entry requirements of university.

BTE-Johannesburg’s connection to the University of Pretoria and wide range of activities has clearly prepared secondary students for university and beyond.