BTE Student Stories


Sooreka Vijai never imagined she would be an educator; she initially wanted to pursue in law. She believes that the best contribution to society and its youth is through education.

Sooreka Vijai joined the BTE program in 2013 as the school’s representative. As part of her role, she accompanied BTE-Johannesburg’s student ambassadors to the annual Alliance and Training Building Session. As the public speaking coach, Sooreka helped prepare students to speak in front of an audience of their peers as well as other people involved with the conference. Sooreka says, “Watching the BTE students taking on challenges, growing and maturing through them together as a collective, was inspiring.” She also says she considers, “it a privilege to be a part of this program, and opportunity to further positively contribute to the children’s lives, making a difference in [her] own little way.”