BTE Student Stories

Noor Khan

Meet ABTS 2020 Student Ambassador Noor Khan!

BTE Site: High Wycombe, United Kingdom


“I am looking forward to seeing the way everything is going to be laid out for ABTS, as it is a new experience and an experience you may not get very often. I look forward to what we have planned ahead of us and meeting all the people from all around the world, hearing their stories, and learning about their cultures. I will take away new skills and take this moment to improve on my current ones.”


I’m a person who likes to get to know my surroundings in order to get comfortable with it. I like to try new things and travel to different places, whether it be close by or across seas. Although cautious at first, I soon come out my comfort zone and take a leap. I tend to appreciate little things and usually try my best to look out for others around me. I like experiencing new cultures and trying to get to know them a bit better.


Coming from a town by the name of High Wycombe, although not the biggest, it’s a comfortable space whilst being positioned in such way you can explore nearby areas such as London. The weather is quite unpredictable. Sometimes,you could be seeing sunny lemon skies for a bit and with one blink it would be pelting down with rain. It’s a place where I have made really good memories and met a lot of good friends. Our local park known as The Rye, has the River Wye flowing through it, and it’s a peaceful location to take a nice walk and have some time to yourself. At the end of one of the paths, greets you a small waterfall flowing with the rhythm of the water creating a beautiful sight to see.


  • Trying new things
  • Traveling
  • Learning various languages
  • Music- I like to explore different genres and sounds


As I gained new interests, I tried new hobbies along the way, some I’ve had for a while include photography, painting, and learning a language. At the moment, I’m learning Korean (self-taught) and trying to relearn Spanish. I’ve recently tried knitting with my grandma as a way to spend time with her and gain some additional skills as well as embroidery which I started purely out of the boredom of lockdown. I like to swim and recently started doing pyrography too.

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