BTE Student Stories

Katerin Mejia Zuniga

Meet ABTS 2020 Student Ambassador Katerin Mejia Zuniga!

BTE Site: New Brunswick, NJ, USA


“I am definitely looking forward to virtually meeting new people and listening to their experiences in BTE. I’m also excited to gain insight in different topics through collaborative work from the comfort of my home.”


I’m a rising high school senior in New Brunswick Health Sciences and Technology High School. My aspirations include becoming an anesthesiologist OR a film producer, maybe both. Also, I like to make art and eat ice cream.


I’m originally from Honduras. I was born there, but for this I am going to focus on New Brunswick, New Jersey, which is where I currently live. It is a highly dense city with lots of businesses. It is known as the healthcare city for its two major in-state hospitals. It’s also known for being home to the headquarters of Johnson & Johnson and Rutgers University. During the summer, it can get very warm and people like to walk around the city and visit the multiple parks, and you can hear the ice cream truck almost everyday. During the colder months, especially when it snows, the streets are a little bit more lonely, but the businesses are still up and running.


  • Drawing & painting
  • Music
  • Coding
  • Outer space
  • Movies & films


My favorite hobbies include making art, listening to music and making playlists, as well as
watching classic films.

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