BTE Student Stories


BTE Site: High Wycombe, England

About Me:

I am a friendly and approachable individual. I love to widen my horizons by meeting new people and sharing new experiences… which is why I enjoyed BTE so much! It opens my eyes to the wider world, allowing me to grow as the best version of myself. I describe myself as a good listener. I like to make individuals feel at ease, helping where I can, and do anything to assist someone.

I have lived in High Wycombe since I was born. It is in a County called Buckinghamshire, not far from London. Wycombe is a diverse multi-cultural market town, lying in the valley of the River Wye. Our community celebrates many different festivals during the year and enjoys an array of cultures. High Wycombe is known for its hills and we are lucky to live on the edge of the most wonderful countryside, easily accessible for many to appreciate.


I have a deep interest in psychology and am already aware that this will be a life long interest. I enjoy learning about the minds of people, and why everyone is different. It is one of my subjects I am taking as an A-level and am hoping to study further at University.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, life was far blander than usual! I discovered my interest in baking and made many batches of cakes and banana bread throughout the spring/summer of 2020. Once my own family had been fed, I shared the cakes with our neighbours and dropped the goodies round to my friends, which gave me a sense of conviviality.

As I get older, I would love to take my interest in travel to the next level and fly around the world to visit my family who live in many corners of our planet; Thailand, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, the USA, and Australia! I have already been lucky enough to visit 7 countries and I hope to visit many more. I love educating myself on different cultures and traditions and want to keep doing this.

BTE Experience:

Since joining the BTE group, I am so much more self-aware, which includes how I react with different types of people in various situations. A session that stands out for me was the “Insights” psychometric profile. This analysed the 4 different personality types. For example, the “red” person would rather be given direct instruction, while the “blue” person preferred to observe when learning. This activity helped me appreciate the complexity of relationships in workplaces, and I left the session with a clearer mind; in addition, this helped me become more of an understanding person. Another session that appealed to me was learning about the Star method. I learnt that this method was to work through difficult situations in a logical way. I have since applied this to my every-day life which has given me determination and confidence to get through challenging circumstances.

Looking Forward to ABTS:

I cannot wait to meet various people around the world to share our experiences, alongside educating ourselves with different cultures and traditions. ABTS is such a privileged opportunity to be a part of, so I hope to take as much information and knowledge of my learning away with me as I can.

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