BTE Student Stories


From October 25 – 27, 2021, Johnson & Johnson’s annual Alliance Building & Training Session (ABTS) will bring together BTE site representatives for three days of professional development, learning, and networking experience. As ABTS approaches, let’s get to know our Student Ambassadors!

First up: Jaiden Broadnex

BTE Site: Franklin Township, NJ

About Me:

My name is Jaiden and I am currently going to the 11th grade. I have one cat and his name is Nigel. I also have experience playing a violin. I was born in New York but I lived in suburban New Jersey for my entire life. I am interested in coding, cooking, music, fitness, video games, and psychology.


I like to play video games, do a little coding, and try to learn something new every once in a while. Some of my favorite video games are Minecraft and Overwatch.

BTE Experience:

One of my favorite BTE experiences was when we did an interactive workshop on communication. We had to
re-create a picture using only verbal directions from each other. Another time, I got to participate in “Meet the Surgeon.” We were able to watch a full surgery and the doctors explained the process of how it was done.

Looking Forward to ABTS:

What I am looking forward to at ABTS in meeting new people, sharpening my social skills, and being able to
help organize events to help create change.

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