BTE Student Stories

Rsz Futch

Jasmine Futch was selected into the Ambler BTE program as a sophomore in high school, like most BTE students. Nearly fours later as a sophomore at Temple University, she reflects fondly on her BTE experience. She states, “as a sophomore I had no idea what I wanted to do after high school. I knew I wanted to go to college, but I was not sure what I would major in.”  Jasmine added, “when I was first selected into the program, I was in fear that it would not appeal to me since I was an art student at the time and the program dealt with the medical and science topics.”

However, Jasmine was able to reflect back to the when BTE allowed her to interact with her peers in a professional setting while also “teaching [her] the fundamentals of business and science job opportunities.” She also enjoyed visiting the Johnson & Johnson facilities and learning about just how many different opportunities are available in the health and medical fields. She said, “I realized that I can take my art abilities and apply them to designing and marketing for different medications. This way, I will not only be benefiting myself, but the patients that are receiving the medication.”

While in the BTE program, Jasmine was still able to sustain her role as a member in four other clubs and eventually became president of art club with a graduating GPA of a 3.9. After the BTE program, Jasmine was able to choose her major as business management and advertisement at Temple University. This demonstrates Jasmine’s desire to be active and successful. She says, “I am so honored and grateful to have been a part of the Bridge to Employment program because it prepared me for life after high school and helped me gain skills necessary for leadership and success.”