BTE Student Stories

Cape Town Square

Launched in 2010, Johnson & Johnson partnered with the National Business Initiative (NBI), three institutions of higher education, various community partners, and government agencies to create Bridge to Employment – Cape Town, South Africa.  At each point in BTE-Cape Town, South Africa’s program, business ensured activities prepare students for work and, often, are business-led activities and provided students with mathematics, science and life skills supports.

The program offered student activities including:

  • Math and science tutoring providing students with a foundation for health careers.
  • BTE Club focused on computer literacy, presentation skills, public speaking, and debates, which business finds necessary for almost any job.
  • Career Coaching from Johnson & Johnson employees, including lunch-n-learn opportunities, company site visits, and career coaching.
  • Open Days & Student for a Day programs at institutions of higher learning so students can better understand that the bridge from high school to career is higher education.
  • Skills Workshops to improve student “soft” skills, another fundamental element of career preparation.
  • “Healthy Living” Service Learning Projects that students design and lead in the broader community.