BTE Student Stories


BTE students in Bangkok, Thailand, explore various career paths by interacting with professionals, and we’re excited to share a few words from Site Coordinator Kunthada Suwan on students’ career exploration and preparation.

Kunthada shares:

While our school calendar keeps us grounded on campus, our commitment to inspiring students remains unwavering. We’ve been successfully hosting professionals from various fields right here, bringing the workforce to our students.  

The Vision Care session hosted by Johnson & Johnson champions was an enriching experience for our 50 students, providing a captivating exploration of careers in the field. The event seamlessly blended theoretical knowledge with practical insights, offering a unique and accessible learning opportunity. 

What set this session apart was the interactive dialogue between the students and the Johnson & Johnson professionals, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere. This immersive approach not only deepened the students’ understanding of Vision Care but also sparked inspiration for diverse career paths within the industry. The session was a delightful combination of informative content and real-world connections, leaving our students excited and motivated as they navigate their future career paths. 

The other activities we’ve organized around career exploration and preparation, including guest speakers, have made a big impact on the students. They’ve responded well and are now more certain about what they want for their future education and careers. The chance to hear from professionals directly has helped them connect what they learn in class to real-life situations.  

Beyond that, we’re all ears for what our students want in their career prep journey. By actively seeking their input, we’re customizing the experience to match their interests and aspirations. It’s a collaborative effort to make sure they’re not just informed but actively shaping their educational and career paths within the hustle of our school schedule. 

Overall, these efforts have not only given students a clearer picture of different careers but have also boosted their confidence in making decisions about their future.

One of their students shares: 

“Meeting professionals in different fields through our school’s career events has been a game-changer for me. It’s like connecting the dots between what I learn in class and what’s really out there. Now, I feel more sure about my future path and excited about the possibilities ahead.” 


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