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BTE Site Spotlight on San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico!

BTE-San Lorenzo included 31 students from the José Campeche School, sponsored by Ethicon of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, the Department of Education of Puerto Rico and the non-profit organization ASPIRA PR, completed the three-year after school program. When students graduated in June 2018, 90% of them were inspired to pursue STEM2D careers in post-secondary education.

In August 2017, The students of BTE San Lorenzo went to the Criollo Center of Sciences and Technology to learn about solar eclipses, and view a total solar eclipse happening then through special glasses. They followed the eclipse route on a screen sponsored by NASA.

During a visit to NASA, students practiced their teamwork and presentation skills competing in challenges around ground systems umbilicals, homemade rockets, and water filtration systems. These challenges involved creativity, research & design, and budgeting.

In 2018, students completed an intense week long STEAM summer camp at the Criollo Center of Sciences and Technology. STEAM mimics the way people naturally become interested in these topics by mixing the arts with STEM2D.