BTE Student Stories

#B2ESite Spotlight on Trenton, New Jersey, USA


Bridge to Employment is proud to spotlight BTE-Trenton, New Jersey, USA







Adventure Aquarium Visit 

Students took a trip to Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ! They had the opportunity to walk thru exhibits & learn about the different fields in aquatic science! They even got to pet sharks, sting rays, and starfish!


Johnson & Johnson Consumer Visit 

Students had the opportunity to visit Johnson & Johnson Consumer, where they learned about the different sectors of STEM2D and experimented with different medical technologies. This might have been their first time in lab coats, but it won’t be the last!


Disney Theatrical Group

Participants engaged in career exploration with the Disney Theatrical Group! They learned about the arts, participated in an acting workshop, and watched Aladdin on Broadway!


Developing Effective Public Speaking Skills

Students work with their Janssen Global Career Coaches on effective public speaking. Developing crucial soft skills through experience is what BTE is all about!