BTE Student Stories

Aseel Mansour

Meet ABTS 2020 Student Ambassador Aseel Mansour!

BTE Site: Athens, GA, USA


“The thing I’m looking forward to the most during ABTS is making new connections with people and seeing more perspectives that our world has to offer.”


I am a black, Muslim American and my parents immigrated to America from Sudan. I love talking about bigger concepts and getting to know new people. I try to try out one new thing a week to get to know myself and what my interests are.


Athens, Georgia is a typical tight-knit, football on Saturdays, college town. Since there are only two high schools in our school district, everyone is linked somehow. The community is very heart-felt and comes together for many events hosted downtown. The weather in the south changes every half-hour or so. Our summers are usually scorching hot and for the most part that’s the only weather we experience. Winters can be pretty cold, especially these past couple of years. But, we get snow every once in a blue moon.


  • Medical field
  • Communications
  • Cultural appreciation
  • World peace (ongoing problems in our world today)


My favorite hobbies consist of shooting film with my camera, spending time with
friends and family, self-care, word searches, and skateboarding.

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