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Janssen Biologics BV

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  • De Praktijk – Coordinating Entity
  • The Da Vinci College

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In September 2012, Johnson & Johnson expanded its European initiatives by officially launching the BTE-Leiden, The Netherlands program. In the first year of the program, Jannsen Biologics in partnership with Stichting Very Disco, the fiscal agent, and De Praktijk, the coordinating entity, engaged 67 students in their second year of VMBO (secondary school) at The Da Vinci College. Integrated into three, nine-week science courses, BTE activities included career mapping with peer support and company tours. A team of volunteers from Janssen Biologics and teachers from the Da Vinci College provided a series of workshops and demonstrations in the areas of biology, chemistry, and engineering and will help students apply their knowledge to a student project. Da Vinci College teachers also provided tutoring and academic support to students in the areas of biology, math, and technics/ engineering. In Year 2, the program targeted 35 students enrolled in the Beta-Mavo track and focused on career exploration activities, including guest speakers and role model sessions with Janssen employees. Short internships and student projects broadened the pupil’s view on career possibilities. Tutoring played a big role and enhanced students’ grades and their chances for passing the exams to continue to the final year of VMBO. To enhance the link to further education BTE pupils attended open days at tertiary institutions. In the final year, BTE students participated in job shadowing and workshops at the Bio Simulation Factory in Leiden. To help the BTE students with their higher education decisions, tertiary education students provided peer support. BTE students also received exam preparation assistance. A student science project provided additional educational enrichment and communication/soft skills experiences.