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YLC Members List

  Sample Person
2019 - 2020
Ride for life, live to ride - that's this persons motto. After riding solo across to the ocean to Hawaii, they turned around and went back home again. But that's just how they roll! Ha!
  Intense Person
2016 - 2017
This dude is intense! They never missed a beat, and kept on keeping on. We will surely miss them, but where-ever they end up, that's where they'll be. Could use more hair though, right?
  Bike Persons Friend
1987 - 1988
Many years ago, Sample Person had a good friend, they grew up together! Now they are an avid biking enthusiasts and collectors.

Resources for YLC

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Downloadable Materials

  Twenty Five Lessons
This is what we have learned at 25 years, celebrate with us!
  Parent Consent Form
We need to know that it's going to be ok for all the students to go on the next trip, so we have to have a signed copy of this on file prior to 1/20/2021. Thank you!
  25 Years!
One of our 25 year videos, enjoy!

Application Introduction

Process overview and explanation of eligibility.

Application Documents

  Important Pre Application Info
Download this presentation and watch it prior to submitting your application.
  Social Math Evaluation
We think that it would be a great idea if you download this presentation and watch it prior to submitting your application.

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