Each BTE site works with a BTE Site Evaluator to conduct an independent evaluation of the local program. Data and information gathered help Johnson & Johnson and local partners understand the BTE program’s effectiveness and impact on youth, the education system, its local operating companies, and the local community. It also guides continuous program improvement, builds broader community support and awareness, and promotes sustainability.

A standard evaluation protocol and series of common data points are used to track the progress and achievement of each site’s short-term, end-of-grant and long-term outcomes, as indicated on the site’s Program Model. Data are gathered at baseline and annually for BTE Participants and a Comparison Group in the following areas:

• Academic Data
• Survey Data
• Focus Group Data

A variety of evaluation tools, including common surveys, data templates (Excel spreadsheets, instruction guide, and checklists, are available to support the independent evaluation.

To view “Program Evaluation in the Real World,” a webinar created to describe lessons learned from BTE evaluation, click here and enter the passcode “Evaluation”.