Global Events

ABTS 2023 Team Huddle

Here you will find various presentations shared during the 28th annual ABTS, which was held from November 6th to 8th, 2023, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The following presentations are linked below:

  1. Site Spotlights:
    1. Enriching Out of School Experiences by Vimel Rajoo (BTE Singapore) and Kunthada “Ice” Suwan (BTE Thailand)
    2. Exploring Careers by Ashlyn McCarthy (BTE Englewood.Jacksonville, Florida) and Nichole Rouached (BTE Warsaw, Indiana)
    3. Communicating Impact- Word As A Tool Workshop by Jana Machcinikova (BTE Prague, Czech Republic)
    4. Engaging Community Partners by Izzie Taylor (BTE Sydney, Australia) and Barbara Cousar (BTE Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  2. BTE Shark Tank:
    1. Notes captured from all tables/team presenting at the Shark Tank sessions
    2. Presentation from Table/Team 1 on their take on the BTE 2 year model
  3. ABTS Student Ambassador Showcase Team Presentations (one presentation per team)

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