Champions for change characters

We are excited to announce the release of Becoming Champions for Change, a new learning series for global youth.

Young people from BTE sites around the world have asked for support in understanding topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. BTE participants want to become advocates for change within their local communities. Following conversations with global youth participants, and with their continuous input, we developed a new 3-part series.

Champions for change 3 components - focus on self, focus on others, advocating for change

The series provides a grounding in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) definitions and high-level activities connecting DE&I with communication, culture, and empathy. Through a combination of eModules and facilitated sessions, young people will engage in activities that introduce and explore culture, encourage respectful conversation, and inspire meaningful reflection and learning. This learning series has been designed to provide youth with a safe space to discuss DE&I-related topics with their Navigators, which can include parents, teachers, counselors, advisors, or any other adult helping young people navigate their path. Navigators can customize facilitated sessions to represent and meet local community needs.

Woman thinking about mental models

Ultimately, the Becoming Champions for Change series aims to support BTE participants as they become advocates and leaders within their own communities on issues that resonate with them, while having an educated foundation.

Becoming Champions for Change was developed with the support of Johnson & Johnson, FHI 360, and DE&I consultants.

To learn more, contact your local BTE site lead.