On behalf of the Pathway to Success Program, Johnson & Johnson and FHI 360 are proud to celebrate this year’s 11 Pathways college graduates – half of whom completed degrees in STEM fields! Throughout their time in the program, they engaged in various career readiness and professional development workshops aimed at building their professional portfolios, mastering interview techniques, and successfully navigating the job search process so they can not only successfully transition into the working world but thrive in their chosen career fields. Through their time in the Pathways program, along with plenty of fun and exciting experiences, the graduates have grown into prepared, skilled, and knowledgeable individuals.

Congratulations to our graduates:

Sharon E. graduated from Millersville University with a major in biology.


Aliyah S. graduated from Rutgers University with a major in public and nonprofit administration.


“Working through Pathways, I was put in positions where I was around highly successful individuals and had the opportunity to talk about their experiences. Ultimately, this mentorship process has put me in a position today where I feel comfortable with where my future is going, and I have an understanding of what I need to do and the person I need to become to reach the success I want. As a young, Hispanic man with a bachelor’s degree, I feel extremely confident and comfortable with where my future is headed, and I could not have asked the Pathways program for more.”

Brandon Q. graduated from Rutgers University with a major in economics.


Mayra B. graduated from Temple University with a major in bioengineering and a concentration in cellular engineering.


“Thanks to Pathways, I am now more confident in professional settings. I know the unofficial rules that are followed in those spaces, and I am comfortable communicating and networking with my supervisors and other partners.”

Basimah C. graduated from Colorado College with a major in psychology.


Tyeirra L. graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a major in economics and a concentration in marketing.


Raisa S. graduated from Chestnut Hill College with a major in biochemistry.


“I am grateful to Pathways for exposing me to a group of peers that I could stay in contact with throughout my years in undergrad and teaching me invaluable lessons during the seminars that young adults do not readily have access to. I really appreciated the seminars that focused on goal setting and planning for the future.”

Miracle M. graduated from The College of New Jersey with a major in world languages and linguistics, a minor in speech pathology, and a concentration in Spanish.


Katherine G.O. graduated from The College of New Jersey with a major in criminal justice.


“Pathways gave me the professional and academic experience to excel during my college career. I really enjoyed the winter retreats because it gave us the opportunity to work on our professional skills and not let the month winter break go to waste.”

Eduardo P. graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a major in biology and a concentration in environmental science.


“The Pathways program has significantly contributed to my growth, particularly in enhancing my interview skills, professionalism, and soft skills, making me a strong candidate for future employment. Thanks to the Pathways program, I feel well-prepared for the workforce and confident in my abilities as a post-graduate woman. Overall, the program has thoroughly equipped me for future challenges and opportunities.”

Emily R. graduated from The College of New Jersey with a major in criminology.


We are proud of your accomplishments and even more impressed by the outstanding young professionals you have become. On behalf of Johnson & Johnson and FHI 360, congratulations to our 2024 graduates! We look forward to seeing what the future holds for you in this next chapter!