BTE Student Stories

Susan Garcia

Susan Garcia has always aimed high – through her participation in BTE-San Diego, to her volunteer work and her goals to be a medical professional. BTE-San Diego has helped Susan to achieve her goals by encouraging her to dream big. Susan explains how “all of the support I’ve received in BTE has shaped me into a person who wants to persevere and do what’s best for me.”

Applying for the 2016 Alliance Building and Training Session (ABTS) in London was another chance for Susan to aim high, since she knew that it was not a typical opportunity for people her age to have the chance to experience. She felt that her attendance was important for her personal growth because she wanted to “meet and learn from BTE leaders and be exposed to students from all over the world.” Not only did she have the chance to meet and work with the other students, she led them in their group presentation as well. A student ambassador coordinator, Monica Mean stated that “it was clear that her role in shaping the presentation lead to its moving results.”

Susan describes herself as “a motivated person who appreciates everything that is sent my way,” and who tries “to do the best on everything because it makes me feel complete after my goal has been achieved.” Susan has accomplished a lot for herself, and she will continue to set and achieve her goals with the support of BTE – San Diego.