BTE Student Stories


Site Coordinator Alondra Garcia shares an update from the BTE Orange County, California, USA site, which just completed Year 3 of the BTE program. 

Question 1: Highlight one activity from this quarter. What made this activity stand out? 

The Technology of Disney Parks activity is a student favorite. The STEM workshop served as an opportunity for students to engage in both Science and Technology as well as Leadership and Teamwork training activities provided by Disney Imagineers while at the park. As a part of the Disney Imagination Powered Learning activities, Disney focused on community health as well as environmental health as it relates to the science and engineering behind Disney facilities, attractions, events, and guest experiences. 

Question 2: What did your site do really well this quarter? Share an example of this practice in action. 

As a result of our Year 2 focus groups findings, the students shared they would like to engage in more field trips and hands on activities. With this in mind, our team planned the Technology activity at Disneyland as a way to support the students’ Career Exploration & Readiness as well as Community Building and Engagement. Listening to students’ feedback was critical to making Year 3 a success. 

Question 3: How do you think this quarter impacted your BTE students? How did they respond to and engage with content and activities? 

The student engagement increased after this event. Students shared with our team they appreciated that BTE staff incorporated their feedback into the future events. This event also helped students build and strengthen their connection with one another, as they were able to have fun and learn together outside of a classroom or normal workshop environment. The activity also encouraged students to consider more careers within the STEM field they had not previously considered or been aware about, including all of the science and engineering behind amusement park rides, environmental health and safety in a park setting, and the creative and innovative design and technology needed to make the Disney Parks come alive. 

This was a great activity to cap off our BTE program, and we are excited to become a Sustaining Site next year so that we can bring opportunities like this to even more students. 



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