BTE Student Stories


Site Coordinator Andrew Garner shares an update from the BTE Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA site, which is currently in Year 2 of the BTE Program. 

During the first quarter of 2023, our BTE students had the opportunity to learn more about STEM career paths from experts in different industries, visit a local software firm, and get hands on experience in robotics and coding. In focusing on STEM career opportunities and the skillsets needed, our students can better imagine themselves in these future roles and see the paths to make their dreams a reality. 

Fifteen students eagerly participated in our BTE session with Elizabethtown College, which demonstrated robotics and introduced a coding challenge to our students. They had the opportunity to program their own videogame by creating a format, determining the correct coding, and then testing it. The students were thoroughly engaged and truly challenged. 

We also had excellent in-class presenters who introduced a math challenge, coding, technology, and chemistry to our students. To see the field experts in action, the students also took a field trip toa local software engineering firm with international clients. They had the chance to see the day-to-day work of software engineers and to interact with professionals in the field. One BTE student, Kahline, shared, “BTE has been one of the best experiences I have had when it comes to options for my future. I have met and interacted with a lot of amazing people through the BTE program. And all the things I have learned here will stick with me forever.”

Our BTE students had fun every week while learning about and exploring different industries. They remained engaged and responsive to activities. One J&J volunteer, Melissa Wadsworth, shared about the importance of building trust with the students, “I keep showing up, which shows our students I truly care about investing in their future. I want them to know they have someone to count on time and time again. I want our students to feel comfortable asking questions and sharing information, which comes from that earned trust.” Melissa works as the Quality Systems and Lab Applications Lead for the Kenvue Part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies and has been a dedicated volunteer throughout the BTE Lancaster program.

Thank you so much for giving us a look at the BTE Lancaster, Pennsylvania site, Andrew! If you want to learn more about BTE Lancaster, Pennsylvania, visit their Site Page.