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Johnson & Johnson

Community Partner

  • The Lancaster STEM Alliance
  • School District of Lancaster
  • JP McCaskey High School
In September 2021, Johnson & Johnson Consumer, The Lancaster STEM Alliance, the School District of Lancaster, and J.P. McCaskey High School and FHI 360 collaboratively design and launched a program in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania community.   Potential first-generation college students and others who aspire to post-secondary education and/or a STEM2D career will have the academic, social-emotional, career, and testing supports they need to persevere and thrive in the face of significant academic, family, societal and/or economic challenges. J&J employee volunteers will support the program and work with students as mentors and to provide ongoing support throughout their BTE journeys. The three-year BTE-Lancaster program targets 50 students enrolled in their final 3 years at J.P. McCaskey High School in the 2021-2022 academic year. it is designed to help build solid futures by introducing a broad array of careers in the STEM2D sectors and providing enhanced academic and real-world experiences.  The long-term outcomes are: 1) Increase the number of students who enroll in higher education, and 2) Increase the number of students pursuing a career in the STEM2D sectors. To achieve the stated outcomes, BTE partners will offer a variety of Academic Enrichment, Career Readiness & Exploration, Higher Education Preparation, and Community Engagement and Leadership opportunities.

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Key Program Activities


By the end of the program (August 2024):


To achieve these end-of-grant outcomes, the partners achieved the following in year 1:


To continue moving towards achieving these end-of-grant outcomes, the partners will strive to attain the following in Year 2: