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BTE students in Prague use their new digital skills to solve a challenge

Site Coordinator Jana Machcinikova shares an update from the BTE Prague site, which is currently in Year 1 of the BTE program.

During the first quarter of 2023, our BTE students had a great opportunity to meet with experts from top companies, explore their career domains, learn from their expertise, and practice all the newly gained skills during practical workshops. Our activities this quarter focused on increasing students’ career readiness and exploring career opportunities, digital enrichment in the area of Artificial Intelligence and digital tools, and also building the communication skills necessary for academic and professional success, as well as personal life.

BTE Students in Prague learn about digital tools

BTE Prague students learn about digital tools

Our January session with Manpower was focused on personal growth and career advising. In February, Microsoft presented us with the world of AI and Digital technologies. And in March, we were pleased to welcome Toastmasters International, who taught us how to present and influence with communication.

Our February BTE session was especially exciting. It focused on Digital Skills and Artificial Intelligence: 60 students learned about the usage of digital tools in the near future, including how AI can be used for solving various challenges, such as chatbot, machine learning, and data acquisition from documents. The students also discovered what the HoloLens headset is and how the mixed reality interface can be used in services and development, as well how Minecraft technology can be used for learning. They put their new learnings into practice in a competition by solving a challenge using these digital technologies. The session was facilitated by Microsoft together with the Microsoft Student Trainee Centre.

BTE students in Prague use their new digital skills to solve a challenge

Students use their new digital skills to solve a challenge

Following this session, one Johnson & Johnson mentor shared, “Participation in the program enabled us to encounter a lot of beneficial and enriching topics that we wouldn´t usually come across, especially the digital technology and artificial intelligence theme. As mentors, thanks to the interaction with students, we learned a lot from the younger generation. The program therefore works also as reverse mentoring, bringing the benefit to both mentors and students.”

Our students very much enjoy the practical workshops, competitions, and activities, as they have the opportunity to practice all the skills they learn during each event. One BTE student, Jana, shared, “Thanks to the BTE program I have learned how to better communicate and present my ideas, and also how to come up with a project that is interesting and valuable within a few minutes using the design thinking approach. Now I understand that every idea can be helpful and bring something new. In every BTE session, I actively participate in all the competitions, presentations, and tasks, which helps me to improve my skills and become more confident.”


Thank you so much for giving us a look at the BTE Prague site, Jana! If you want to learn more about BTE Prague, visit their Site Page.