BTE Student Stories

Mentoring Reflections: Aliyah Saleem

Aliyah Saleem is a current Pathways student, a graduate of the BTE Bound Brook, NJ, program, BTE Youth Leadership Council 2019 President, and former ABTS Student Ambassador. Aliyah just launched her own charitable organization: BTE inspired her to give back to her community and she is doing just that – collecting donations and personal care items to give to those in need in Plainfield, NJ. She shared the following note:

“During National Mentoring Month, as a BTE alumna, I am honored to share how thankful I am for all of BTE’s mentors and reflect on my experiences as a mentee. One of my favorite experiences with BTE mentors was being able to work with them and have open discussions as a team. They were always there to guide and educate my peers and I, which I truly appreciated. I loved that they were able to share their experiences while being able to connect with the mentees to gain a deeper understanding of how they could be of help to us. I am proud to say that learning from the mentors has contributed to who I am today. I have developed strong communication, leadership, and teamwork skills. Through my experiences with my mentors, I’ve also learned the value and importance of giving back to my community, which is exactly what I experienced during my time in BTE.

Using the skills the program taught me, along with my dedication and passion to pay it forward, I’ve taken steps to become a leader myself within my own community. I have created the Hope for Health and Hygiene charity organization. During this #NationalMentorMonth I want to salute all of the BTE and Pathways mentors who volunteered their time to make my experiences worthwhile and who are helping me to make an impact today!”