BTE Student Stories

YLC 2022

Each year, Bridge to Employment invites participants to join the Youth Leadership Council in recognition of the critical value youth voice and governance brings to the program. The YLC members share their experiences and make recommendations to advance BTE student learning, engagement, and retention. Supporting their global efforts, former 2020-2021 BTE YLC member, Noor Khan, serves as a peer advisor and lends expertise from previous YLC experiences. Together, these 10 youth leaders meet once a month to plan, design, and execute their impact on a global scale.

The 2022 YLC has representatives from each of the 4 BTE regions (North America, Latin America, Europe/Middle East/Africa, and Asia Pacific), as well as from each cohort year (1, 2, and 3) and program alums.

After three planning sessions, the YLC has developed four key areas to focus on for the year: building skills of BTE youth, elevating cross-site engagement, supporting personal development, and building a sense of family amongst the larger BTE community. The council spent time finalizing their vision for the year, including the development of a youth-led, youth-focused STEM2D live event they plan to host in July.

While FHI 360 staff help facilitate the council’s meetings, the youth leaders set the agenda and determine their path forward. Through activity development and event planning, council members gain leadership and teamwork skills. Through additional professional development and mentorship opportunities, council members are empowered to turn their vision into reality. YLC 2022 is off to an amazing start, and we can’t wait to see where the year takes them!

YLC 2022