BTE Student Stories

PMA healthcare mural


BTE-Trenton, New Jersey is December 2017’s Site Spotlight!  Check out some of their innovative activities:

Program Kick-off

BTE-Trenton Officially Kicked Off on October 5, 2017. Students, families, community supporters, Trenton High School West staff, Janssen employees and students and staff from The College of New Jersey came together to celebrate the start of the program. Jose Hernandez, Johnson & Johnson, served as the energetic host for the night! Michael Bzdak, Johnson and Johnson, and Flavia Pease, Janssen Pharmaceutical welcomed the group to Janssen’s office in Titusville, NJ. After dinner, community activist Darren “Freedom” Green shared inspirational remarks and then Brittany Aydelotte, BTE-Trenton Site Coordinator, shared information about the long-term plans for the program. Janice Ebanks and Tariq Shabazz, TCNJ graduates from Trenton, and Victor Mensah, a BTE graduate from New Brunswick, shared their experience and advice. Closing remarks came from Trenton High West Vice Principal, Mr. Parker. It was a wonderful event and great way to begin the three year journey!

Team-Building Retreat

During an overnight trip in Princeton-Blairstown Center in October, Students, college mentors, Janssen mentors and staff stayed overnight in cabins and participated in leadership activities. The group was able to continue to strengthen BTE-Trenton relationships through participating in communication activities, low ropes activities and high ropes activities! The students did a wonderful job; many faced fears with the support of the other students!

Philadelphia Mural Arts Trip 

BTE-Trenton traveled to Philadelphia  to learn about how science is being used to inspire the work at Philadelphia Mural Arts! Students got to help paint a mural that will eventually be installed on the outside of a Philly high school and also got to take a short walking tour to see some of the local murals.

Janssen Visit

BTE-Trenton took their first trip to Janssen Pharmaceuticals on November 29th. Students participated in an employee led workshop, Molecules to Medicine, a unique hands-on activity introduces students to pharmaceutical research & development — the process of developing new medicines that improve and save patients’ lives. Then students participated in a speed meeting activity where they got to meet one-on-one or in pairs with 9 different Janssen employees to learn about different careers! After lunch, students met with their Janssen mentors to learn about the Johnson & Johnson Credo, explore how the Credo influences the company and its dealings with customers, employees, communities, and shareholder and then create their own personal credo that communicates their principles, values, and beliefs clearly and concisely in writing.